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  • Start Up
    This is the part where we foster real entrepreneurs. Here, we look for those people who has been in the specific business for years whether it be as an employee or consultant or expert. That person will be coached by captain of industry in that specific field. After s/he is ready with business plan, then Antarprerana will bring angel investor and equity partners to establish their own company.
  • Growth Stage
    In Growth stage, we look for those companies, which have already established their product in the market and want to get into early majority customers. Through Antarprerana they will get proper coaching and access to the network of our mentors and finally our mentors.
  • Organization Change Management
    With the business environment experiencing so much of changes, organizations are not able to manage and adapt it. We understand that those changes directly affects all departments and employees. So, we connect companies with the expert who has techniques to handle those changes.
  • Nepali Diaspora
    The entrepreneurs who have good products and skills and are looking for business linkage and support; we help them establish business in Nepal.